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The brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. They help you stop immediately whenever you need to. If your brakes go out, it could result in a potentially deadly accident. The moment you notice your brakes functioning improperly, take your car in to St Pete Garage right away! We will have your brakes repaired in no time.

What signs should you look out for? If your brake light is on, or if you notice brake fluid leaking, take your car in right away! You might hear grinding or squealing noises as you brake, or you may feel vibrating or grinding as you apply the brakes. If your brake pedal needs to be pushed to the floor in order to stop the car, you need brake repairs! Still not sure if something is wrong with your brakes? It’s best to take your car to us for an inspection. We will let you know what’s wrong, and then we’ll perform the repairs your car needs to work safely and effectively.